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Our greatest compliment is when we hear from our clients. Their words inspire our passion for music. We would like to share some of them with you.

Alpha Studios is a great place to record and learn an instrument. For several years I've taken piano lessons from Brian Usher and it has increased my understanding of music greatly. Although I have been in the music business for most of my life and have sold more than two million albums, believe or not, I had no formal musical training. That was until a couple of years ago when Brian began teaching me. He is a skilled and patient teacher. If he can teach me, he must have both qualities.

I used the studio to record a CD for my church entitled "Raising the Roof on Mary Immaculate". Brian's vast knowledge of music helped me to pen a few songs I had in my head, plus his direction in regards to laying of harmonies proved invaluable. It was a memorable and enjoyable experience -- one I won't forget.

-- Brian Vollmer, HELIX

Alpha Music Services have helped Conservatory Canada in so many ways, from recording our young master class participants to hosting of London examinations to creating and typesetting our Contemporary Idioms programs. They are a "full service shop" and we have come to rely on their professionalism, work ethic and adaptability. They are a dream to work with, always providing us that little extra by going above and beyond.

-- Victoria Warwick, Conservatory Canada

Wishing to leave a sample of my singing as a legacy to our grandchildren became a journey which took me from the Yellow Pages and Alpha Music Services to the local release of 3 CD's, each one being better and more satisfying. The resulting products are a showcase for the talented members of The Usher family with local musicians enhancing and providing that extra touch. Brian arranged the music, and the recordings. The music on "Imagine That" and "Jam and Spice" is reminiscent of my young life as a band singer around Essex, Kent , and even Middlesex Counties in the mid to late 50's.

From my association with Alpha and Brian Usher, the confidence and encouragement to once again perform for live audiences has enriched my senior years. It's like riding a bike; you only need to practice and it all comes back. Speaking of practice, a lot of that is going on in another direction. I began piano lessons with Brian just last year, and it's a satisfying and rewarding experience to stretch my musical abilities to the max.

Brian is a marvellous teacher, with the patience and knowledge to get his students motivated and successful, while making every lesson a totally enjoyable experience.

-- Carol Setterington